William Bonney Preorders are Closed! (Temporarily)

Posted on March 23rd, 2012

We have hit the 100 mark, so that is the extent of people that will receive the record with the special limited outer jacket.

People that still want one: don't fret!  We are only stopping orders until we get the actual vinyl pressed and ready.  In a couple months, you will be able to get the vinyl one of two ways:

1) From William Bonney on their tour.  See the tour section for dates.

2) From either our label's online store, or Songs from the Road Records' online store.

The vinyl will be the same as the original preorders, but it will not include the special jacket. If the city you are planning on buying vinyl from the band is later on in the tour, I recommend purchasing them via one of the online stores when they are available.

The immediate response/interest in this project was unexpected and very exciting, we are going to start the process of getting these made next week!