Prettying things up!

Posted on June 3rd, 2012

Making things look sharper around here on at SIGD Records.  Most of what I want is done, but expect little tweaks here and there.  Ok, news time:

1) Peace Be Still love the States!  Peace Be Still finished up their first stint in the states a week or so.  I was lucky enough to tag along and oversee things/be homeless with them.  They are currently in the studio recording two new songs, one of which is going to featured on the Topshelf Records 2012 Sampler!

2) William Bonney preorders will be back up soon!  Things I running smoothly with the record.  In the next week or two we will open up a bit more of preorders for the album.  For those of you that e-mailed me, you will be the first to know the specific date and time.  If you would like to know, just throw and e-mail to: with the heading "William Bonney Boner" or something clever like that.

3) We have our next release lined up for after William Bonney!  We will be working with Chalk Talk on the release of their one-sided twelve inch called Bad Influences.  I just got ahold of the master audio files the other day, and I am extremely excited for this one.  Also, if you are from Europe, make sure to check for tour dates in the near future (August/September) for Chalk Talk and Everyone Everywhere.  Hint, hint!

4) We will be moving headquarters!  Metro Detroit is nice, but we are moving ourselves and our operations into Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I guess that could still be considered metro detroit to some.  Speaking of Ann Arbor, congrats to Brave Bird (A² natives) for their recent signing to fellow (better) midwest indie label Count Your Lucky Stars!

5) The Family Might/Badgerhunt split is put on the backburner :(  We unfortunately won't be doing this release with Carucage Records because of band stuff.  We hope the best for them, and once they have things figured out hopefully this yet-to-be-released split will see the light of day and get a wax treatment.

6) We have some shirts left from Pouzza!  Explore the sidebar to find the shirt (Click "More"), more information can be found there.

I think that's all for now.  Enjoy the lovely summer weather/zombies!