Steal While You Still Can!!!

Posted on August 29th, 2013
This has been on our minds for the past few months and after spending time playing euro games with Count Your Lucky Stars Records each week, we are deciding to move in a different direction with digital releases. We were originally formed from a music blog that leaked fun, underground music and we always took pride in giving away all of our digital releases for free. However, it seems like at the moment we are almost throwing away money that we could really use to put towards future releases. Not only that, but in the long run, having music up on itunes, spotify and other mediums helps exposure for our bands. We are going to try removing our digital albums for free and seeing how that goes. So, if you ever were on the fence about downloading albums off our website/bandcamp for free, you have until Friday to steal them from there before we take them down. We will not force any of our bands to not give away their music for free if they choose to, and we won't sick the RIAA on people that post links to our albums for free. Still, we know some may be upset and see this as "selling out", but we feel that in the long run, this move is going to help us put out more awesome records for you to listen to and help all the bands we work with reach more people.