Sale this FRIDAY!!!

Posted on August 6th, 2013

Couple things: we got new free downloads for bandcamp, so if that's your jam, you can get most of our albums for free (but we always have them on our website as well).

I never got around to mentioning this last year, but some of You'll Live's Above the Weather LPs were slightly damaged while being shipped (see picture). You can pick one of the damaged ones up on our website with 30% off the normal value. Nothing is wrong with the records themselves, just a little hole on one of the seams. All of these will come with seafoam green records unless the customer puts a note to have it swapped out for a clear/frosty one.

Sometime this week or next week, we are going to announce a new "signing" that we just sent in to be pressed, with news for preorders and stuff coming soon thereafter.

Finally, we will be putting on a sale this Friday. Everything on the store will be 25% off starting Friday at 12pm EST until midnight. It's your money and we want it NOW!

...cause I have no idea how we are going to swing all this stuff we have in the works without it.