R.I.P. William Bonney [:(] | Reservoir Preorders!!!

Posted on July 22nd, 2013

Good news if you missed out on the second pressing of Good Vibes. I forgot to bring the box they were in with me to I Got Brains Fest, so the rest are up on the online store right now. For all intensive purposes, you must assume that this is the final pressing of these. I cannot completely rule out another pressing, but as William Bonney has announced their "break up", it is highly unlikely it will happen. In other, less sad news, the preorders for Reservoir's 12" EP, I Heard You As I Walked Away, will go up tomorrow sometime. Look out for a formal press release from all parties involved tomorrow (hint: we got some bundle packages going down). If you missed out on the full album stream at AbsolutePunk, head on over through the link below.