Posted on March 15th, 2013

Unless something unforeseen occurs this is what the 2nd pressing will be. 200 with the white baghead guy on the unplayable side, 100 with the brown. The jackets will be the same for all 300. The picture just shows the front and back of the jacket, you can decide which is which, either the classic you are familiar with or the previously unreleased alternative. 00:00 hrs is 12 am, hope you weren't planning on doing anything on a Saturday night...

Nick from You'll Live put together a neat four way split that we are going to help put out.  It features a new song from Cheyenne, Two Humans, Peace Be Still and You'll Live.  Speaking of Peace Be Still, their new 7 inch will be coming out around the same time as that (bundle?).  Here is a preview: