School's Out Sale!

Posted on December 16th, 2012

So, you may have noticed we did not participate in any Black Friday sales.  Well, one reason was that you probably were being flooded by other people's sales.  Moreover, we were in the midst of fall semester and packing a bunch of orders during finals weeks did not seem feasible.  Well, now that the semester is over and and we are in a lull, we are going to have a sale for you!

From now until Wednesday we will have 50% off all orders over $15.  That means you can get a You'll Live LP and Adaje/Lizards split for $7.50.  Or a Peace Be Still LP and Chalk Talk LP for $9.  Or a You'll Live and Peace Be Still LP for $10.  The combinations are not even close to being endless!  All orders from now until Tuesday we can guarantee will make it to your house by X-mas (besides international orders).  If you order Wednesday there still is a possibility we can make it by X-mas, but no promises!

Also, next year we will be completely overhauling our site and releasing a new winter edition of the international sampler    Stay tuned and add us on facebook  for more updates!