andddd exhale!

Posted on November 4th, 2012


Phew!  Finally got some downtime, so I am going to give you guys a bunch of updates about all that is going on.

1.) You'll Live orders are out! You should be getting your records any day now if you preordered the You'll Live album.  The pop-up idea turned out really cool, I think, but time will tell.  I am starting to see it posted on tumblr, but in the near future there should be reviews surfacing, and I will post those as they come in.

2.) Only 3 Chalk Talk Bile Colored vinyl left! We have a bunch of the black ones left, but we are nearly out of the colored records.  Get them before they are gone!

3.) Only 2 William Bonney Good Vibes LPs left! Seriously guys, the band sold out while on tour and Songs from the Road is either out or nearly out, I believe.  So, these are literally the last two for this pressing left.  We have no immediate plans to repress this but we may next year.  So if you want to be one of 300 people to have the first pressing, order very soon!

4.) Free zines with future orders?! I was approached by the guys at Kyeo Speaks  about taking zines in bulk to distribute, and I should be having a couple samples arrive in the mail soon to look over.  If all is good, we will get a bunch of these to be given for free with any orders.

5.) New face to be added soon?!  Speaking of up in the air type stuff, I am also talking with the boys in SRVVLST about putting out a new 7 inch early next year.  If you haven't had a chance to listen to them, head on over to their bandcamp and give them a listen!

6.) Peace Be Still is working on new material! I have gotten a few samples and rough cuts of their new songs, and I am really excited to hear the end product.  Look out for new stuff probably closer to the new year I would guess.

7.) Taking submissions for the Winter International Sampler! I want to do a winter edition for the International Sampler that we had this summer.  If you are a band outside of the U.S. and want to be on it, send an e-mail to  with the subject "Winter Sampler".  If you haven't got your hands on the one from this past summer, you can get it for free here or on our bandcamp along with the rest of the material we put out.  Free downloads for all!

That's it for now, make sure you add us on Facebook  for more frequent updates!.