All Caught Up! Peace Be Still on Sale! Chalk Talk Preorders! Adaje!

Posted on July 17th, 2012

Chalk Talk at Bramble Jam 2

We are officially all caught up with our orders (except with the ones from today, they will go out first thing tomorrow).  Although taking on a project of this proportion was mind-numbing and difficult, I look forward to putting out another album that has the success that the William Bonney record had.  This whole label has been a learning process and one thing I want to make better right off the bat is keeping track of order/address changes.  With the length it took to create the William Bonney records from the day the preorders started, there were lots of changes of address and orders.  I tried my best, but there were some changes that slipped between the cracks.  Next time, I hope to have a much better/efficient protocol for recording these changes so that not one order is shipped out incorrectly.  In other news:

1) Chalk Talk is prepping for their European Tour with Everyone Everywhere, and the Bad Influences records should be arriving this week.  Then they will be screenprinted and ready to go.  Preorders/bundles for this collaborative effort can be made at the Sex Cave Records store.  We are really pushing hard for this EP to help these guys on their first journey across the pond.

2) Adaje is in full on tour mode, check out the rest of their dates.

3) Starting right now, when you order the William Bonney record and Peace Be Still record, we will take 3 dollars off the cost of the order.  That's like getting the PBS record for $7.  If you aren't sure, download the PBS album for free and I will let the music speak for itself.  Got nothing to lose! This will be for a limited time!  Take advantage!

4) I am still waiting for a couple people to either give me their mailing address or their shirt size for the William Bonney bundles.  Please, please, please check your e-mails!  If for some reason you do not receive your record this week, let me know so we can correct any issue.


Orders shipped + International Sampler!!

Posted on July 14th, 2012

All orders up until June 28th have been shipped!  If you want to be sure yours is on it's way, just check the e-mail you provided upon check out.  We spent the past few days getting all these sorted and put together, so if we happened to get something wrong with your order please tell us:

The rest of the orders will be shipped out on Monday.  Also, I am still waiting for a couple people to e-mail me back what shirt size they wanted ( ahem, Derek Johnston and Tyler Bailey).  I can't ship your order until you tell me what size you wanted when you ordered the bundle!  

Yesterday was the first tour date that William Bonney got to sell the Good Vibes records and they are going like hotcakes.  I can definitely see them running out while on tour, and if that happens there is still a limited amount available through myself and Songs From the Road Records.

 Also, if you haven't checked it out yet, we released an international compilation.  Everbody that ordered the William Bonney record will receive a download card with their package, or you can just check it out over at bandcamp.

Now that we have some downtime, we are going to be adding some features to the site, and we will let you know about the Chalk Talk record as details come in.

Tourz Galorez!!

Posted on June 15th, 2012

This time next month, William Bonney will be in Michigan in the first leg of their tour!  Adaje will also be on the road at that point.  This time in two months, Chalk Talk will be tearing it up in Europe with Everyone Everywhere.  Dates for that are popping up on the interweb, but a full schedule hasn't been announced quite yet.  However, you can check out the full schedule for the William Bonney and Adaje tours by venturing over to the...tour section.

William Bonney Preorders are back up!

Posted on June 11th, 2012

We put a bit more preorders up for the William Bonney "Good Vibes" 12" (about 80).  If you missed out on the first 100 preorders, you will get a blank red jacker instead of a screen printed one.  Also the limited run t-shirt is out of stock, so there isn't anymore opportunity to get the special bundle with that.

If you did get on the first 100 preorders or just ordered today, expect these to ship out in early July.

Finally, you guys should really head over to Error Records, because they are giving the William Bonney/Droughts split the wax treatment!  The split is awesome, and if you like collecting Bonney swag, you guys should go for this one as well!  It's also Error Records first vinyl release!