A Plethora of News!!!

Posted on October 1st, 2012

Hey guys, wanna throw some things at you.

1)  Peace Be Still is going to be visiting the United States for a couple dates. They have a show in Grand Rapids tomorrow with Hop Along and Charles the Osprey, and a free one in Chicago the next day at the Livewire Lounge.

10/2 Event link
10/3 Event link

2)  Everything is on track with the You'll Live release.  We should have them ready to ship in about three weeks

3) State Lines is going on tour soon, and they want people in the areas they are hitting up to listen to their new album beforehand.  They are being proactive so they get as many people out as possible, which is smart.  Their EP via Tiny Engines is rad anyways, so it's a win win.  As far as I know, they are coming to Michigan and the surrounding areas sometime in January, so be on the lookout for that.

4) I've been meaning to do this for awhile, but I haven't gotten around to it until now.  My sister has a webcomic that deals with her and her partners journey in being a same sex couple and their pursuit of having a child.  I am pretty excited that I am going to be an uncle (I also feel somewhat old).  I am very proud of what she is doing.  Her comic is on tumblr, so you can follow her there.

You'll Live preorders have launched!!

Posted on September 4th, 2012

In case you guys haven't noticed, the You'll Live preorders went up yesterday (if you missed the announcement, you may want to add us on facebook  for more up to date information).  The response was great, and we should be getting these records out to youz in mid-late October.  EUROPEAN SHOPPERS: Dog Knight Productions (UK) is running the Euro release of this, order yours through them !  The ball is rolling with this release on schedule, and we will have more info soon.

Above the Weather Preorders!!!

Posted on August 25th, 2012

So, we have some more news on You'll Live's Above the Weather 12"!!  Preorders will begin on Monday, September 3rd.  If you watched the teaser video  we put out earlier, there was mention of a special interactive jacket.  Those will be very limited, probably around 50, we haven't worked out all the details completely.  These will truly be one of a kind, and pretty rare since we are only going to do 50 or so of them.  The colors that the vinyl records will be are 250 of seafoam green  and 250 of frosty clear  (People that order the special jacket will have the option of either color).  Finally, the first 5 to 10 people that order the record will receive Peace Be Still's 64 12" record with their order for free!  So remember guys, September 3rd, and as the date gets closer we will give a specific time as well.

Also, add us on facebook , you will stay updated and stuff.

You'll Live! Bad Influences!

Posted on August 9th, 2012

HEY!  So, I apologize to people that ordered this week, we are in the middle of moving to Ann Arbor.  We don't have internet there at the moment, so I have a hard time printing and processing orders.  We should have everything set up by tomorrow to ship orders out.  But hey, we got news:

1) We are going to be working with Dog Knights Productions  (situated in UK, worked with Beau Navire, Iselia, Maths, Pariso) to put out You'll Live's Above the Weather LP.  I came up with a concept for a pop-up record jacket that I think is pretty neat and unique.  Fortunately, all parties were down for it.  The video above gives you an idea of how it's going to work.We are getting things moving with that project, and we will have more news on it in the near future including a preorder date.

2) While I was writing this post, we got our delivery of Chalk Talk's Bad Influences in the mail!  They look AWESOME. They are officially in stock!  Most of them went with the band to Europe, so we only have a limited supply available online!!

I think I had something else to say but I forgot.  See ya later!

Chalk Talk Euro dates! Che bello!

Posted on July 25th, 2012

1.) The European tour dates for Everyone Everywhere and Chalk Talk are now up!  Check out this impressive list of the countries they are hitting up via Big Scary Monsters.

2.) I've gotten a few people that have said their William Bonney record arrived warped.  I figure it may be due to the crazy heat we are having or just carelessness on the post office.  Either way, make sure you get ahold of me as soon as you get your record and notice this so that we can send a replacement before we run out of stock.  E-mail us and make sure to provide a picture of the record in question: info@sigdrecords.com

3.) Speaking of William Bonney, we had a few shirts left from the original preorders.  We put them up in the store, we are out of medium and large at the moment.  We are in the process of moving, so I will let you know if we happen upon any others while that process is going on.